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About Us

The lawyers at Tafakori Khan come from different backgrounds but with a very common goal: to provide our clients with exceptional legal service. Our Injury Attorneys in Augusta Georgia lawyers have experience working both on Bay street and boutique litigation firms. Combined, they are able to provide a systematic approach to a variety of legal issues that our clients may have. From its onset, the lawyers at Tafakori Khan took a unique approach to its clients: assure that their rights and entitlements are protected, and if not, litigate the matter as needed.

Our Advantage

As many of us have heard, litigators who are willing to spend the time and dedication to represent their clients in court are a dying breed. Instead, many lawyers nowadays rely on methods of alternative dispute resolutions (“ADR”) in hopes of achieving results for their clients. At Tafakori Khan, we view ADR as simply a step in a larger scheme. Simply put, we refuse to have our clients’ interests take the back seat for the purposes of simplifying the litigation procedure. If we believe you can obtain better results through the courts, we will discuss with you the pros and cons of advancing your claim. visit our website, to quickly find the right Law attorney or Legal Guidance in your city and state.

Supporting Our Communities

“No one is above the law” — this is a fundamental principle of our justice system. Regardless of where you are from or what your economic situation is, you deserve to be properly represented in court. The lawyers at Tafakori Khan are actively involved in not only their own communities, but communities throughout Ontario that need assistance in having their rights represented. For us, nothing is more satisfying than knowing we were able to make a positive difference in someones life, regardless of who they are or what their economic status is.