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Insurer’s Examinations of Accident Victims

When someone is hurt in a car accident, they are entitled to receive certain benefits from their own insurance company. The insurer will typically pay for income loss up to a certain amount, medical rehabilitation costs, and in some cases will cover the cost of having an aide or attendant care for the individual injured in the car accident. Of-course, there are other benefits available, and the insurance company will pay for some of these benefits up to a certain limit.

The monetary limit on the benefits depends on the nature of injuries sustained (if you have been hurt in a car accident, you should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer, or a car accident lawyer, to discuss the benefits that may be available to you). However, in most cases handled by personal injury lawyers, the insurance company will not pay the full value of the benefits available. Instead, they may deny one or more benefits, sometimes based on the opinions of medical doctors who assess the injured victims on behalf of the insurance companies.

These assessments are also known as insurer’s examinations. The insurance company has a right to have the car accident victim assessed. However, this right is based on legislation, and is limited to a very particular set of circumstances. Often times, personal injury lawyers and insurance companies debate the propriety of an insurer’s examination. Personal injury lawyers will often explain to their clients the impact of both attending and not attending an insurer’s examination. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call your experienced personal injury lawyers, Tafakori Khan LLP, to help you through this difficult time.

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