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The Numbers Behind Personal Injury from Auto Accidents

In 2010, Ontario Drivers experienced 122,918 collisions, ranging from standard vehicular and pedestrian accidents, to motorcycle and even snow or all-terrain vehicle collisions. Of those, 64,514 sustained some type of injury, ranging from relatively mild to more severe. That accounts for 52%, with another 0.5% recorded as fatal.

These statistics are just that, statistics. Numbers submitted by reporting agencies to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, and then inserted into a table and divided by labels such as, “minimal”, “minor” and “major”.

These are not the words that victims of a car accident would use. They do not give context to the trauma and suffering related to this type of event. Figures don’t paint a picture; they don’t take into account the ancillary effects of car accidents on the victim. Numbers aren’t a narrative, a voice or a helping hand.

Tafakori Kahn LLP is here to give you a voice, with the experience necessary to manage the often confusing maze of insurance benefits and tort actions. This is so the victims of the accidents can receiving proper recognition for their injuries, both physical and mental. Whether you’re the victim of another motorists’ careless driving, or even if you’re potentially at fault, we know how to value your case and the incident so that both the insurance companies, and the courts, can understand. By doing so, our clients can avoid being caught up in the bureaucracy and confusion of the system.

When you first find yourself in the unsettling and vulnerable position of being involved in a car accident, you need someone to advise you in what the proper action is in moving forward. This is so you aren’t left without support due to the myriad of potential hardships of being injured.

Employing a knowledgeable and capable team of injury lawyers is the first step on the path to reconciling and repairing the damage done.

Tafakori Kahn Personal Injury Lawyers are the team you want when it’s your health and peace of mind on the line.

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