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The Optional Housekeeping Benefit Explained

When someone is injured in a car accident, they may find it increasingly difficult to perform their chores around the house.  The manual and physical labour required to perform even the most basic of housekeeping and maintenance tasks can become difficult, burdensome, or even impossible.  If the accident victim is seriously injured (catastrophically injured), their own insurance company must pay up to $100 per week for any expenses incurred for housekeeping and home maintenance services that were normally performed before the accident.

A personal injury lawyer usually assists the injured individual in obtaining this benefit from the insurance company.  If the car accident victim is not seriously (catastrophically) injured, then the only other way to obtain this benefit is to have purchased it as an optional benefit on the insurance policy.

Consumers may decide not to purchase such additional optional benefit because they come at a price, namely increased monthly insurance premiums.  However, in the event of a car accident where the injured individual is not able to immediately return to normal life, particularly in respects as taking care of their place of residence, taking care of themselves, or even returning to work, these additional benefits do provide a financial safety net.  There is a catch, however.  Even if the optional housekeeping benefit is purchased, the benefit is only available for a maximum of two years.  The amount of the benefit, if the full value for the two years is claimed, comes to $10,400.

Consumers may decide to compare the anticipated value of benefit in the event of a car accident with the increase in their monthly insurance premiums if the benefit is purchased.  If the optional benefit is purchased, however, an individual can rest assured knowing that in the event of an accident, a car accident lawyer will ensure that the insurance company pays for any reasonable housekeeping expenses incurred by them or on their behalf.  Should you become hurt in a car, you should immediately call a Toronto personal injury lawyer and ask about your rights.

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