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Is My Personal Injury Case Worth Pursuing?

One of the more common questions our Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers are asked is whether or not a claim is worth advancing. Simply put, an individual who gets into a minor fender bender and suffers from very minor injuries likely will not have a claim worth pursuing. This, largely, is due to the $30,000 deductible in place for pain and suffering (known as “general damages”) for claims under $100,000 (Read more about the deductible here:

Given the above, personal injury lawyers are continuously valuing their cases as they progress. It’s important to remember that general damages are simply one of the many heads of damages available to injured claimants. As such, one should not value a case simply by whether or not they will be able to receive any compensation after the deductible has been taken into account.

Often, claims for loss of income and loss of competitive advantage contribute largely to whether a claim is worth pursuing. For this reason, if you or a loved one are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Toronto or the GTA, it is important that you get a fair valuation of your case from a personal injury lawyer.

Further, it’s important to note that the $30,000 deductible described above, only applies to certain personal injury cases. The lawyers at Tafakori Khan LLP will explain to you the various ways one can receive compensation, and ultimately, whether or not a claim is worth pursuing. Personal injury cases do tend to take some time to develop and settle — therefore, it is our goal to make sure you know from the outset what to expect for your case.

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