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Slip and Fall

Slip and falls are typically due to an individual or corporations inadequate care for their premises. These individuals or corporations often have a duty to ensure their property is safe, and that slip and falls are prevented. Failure of this often results in a slip and fall, where the the injured person can sue for a number of damages, including pain and suffering, loss of income, future care, and other heads of damages.

Our lawyers have come across slip and falls in a number of areas, from grocery stores to outside your every day store. Regardless of where the incident happens, an innocent individual should be compensated for their injuries and losses. Often, the premises where the injury occurs are insured. As such, our lawyers will seek compensation directly from the insurer of the premises where the slip and fall occurred. Our lawyers will often also seek recovery from whoever is in charge of maintaining the premises — such as a cleaning or janitorial company.

It’s important to note that slip and falls can occur due to numerous reasons — some of which may be the fault of the injured individual (the Plaintiff). Even in such scenarios, the owner of the premises may be held accountable for some contribution to the injury. Take for example, an individual who enters a local store after a snow storm. If this individual fails to clean his/her shoes on the mats provided, and then slips in the store, it’s very likely that the defence will claim that the individual contributed to his/her own injuries by not cleaning his/her shoes. Despite this, our lawyers will investigate whether the store could have somehow prevented the slip and fall, and seek recovery from them.

If you’ve fallen, you should seek the assistance of our slip and fall lawyers, who are familiar with the relevant laws that touch on occupiers liability.