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Terms of use / Disclaimer


Our website is designed for the purposes of providing public information regarding the legal services we provide. Tafakori Khan LLP does not encourage clients to provide any sort of private information through an form, email, or other online methods. Rather, we encourage our clients to contact us directly and set up a free consultation. This will enable Tafakori Khan LLP to fully evaluate your case, while also preserving your privacy and confidentiality rights. If Tafakori Khan LLP is retained, then a solicitor-client relationship will have formed, and your personal information which is shared with Tafakori Khan LLP will be confidential. Please note that any information submitted via online methods, such as a form, email, or otherwise, does not constitute the creation of a solicitor-client relationship between you and the lawyers of Tafakori Khan LLP.

Personal information can include anything which would be used to identify you. This includes your name, address, or case details. As Tafakori Khan LLP does not encourage methods of online transmission for retainment purposes, we have removed our online form, which previously provided our clients a quick access ability to contact our firm. As such, Tafakori Khan LLP does not collect and/or share any online information with third parties.

As a potential client, it is important for you to understand that no lawyer-client relationship is established until a retainer has been executed. Moreover, confidential information should not be sent to Tafakori Khan LLP or its lawyers prior to the execution of our formal retainer.

If Tafakori Khan LLP is retained, you may wish to contact your lawyer directly via email. However, it is important to remember the potential issues which may arise via email communication. Tafakori Khan LLP values your confidentiality and the solicitor client relationship that is formed between the client and their lawyer. As such, we encourage our clients to contact us via phone or other direct methods, which would minimize the potential for breaches in privacy and confidentiality. Email methods are not always secure, and clients should be careful submitting sensitive information through an unsecure email address.


Tafakori Khan LLP is a law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. As such, our lawyers are licensed to practice law within the strict jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada, and currently not elsewhere.

Changes to This Policy

Tafakori Khan LLP may amend our above policy at any time. Such an amendment will be made available on this website.