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Whether its for business of pleasure, individuals who wish to enter Canada will often need a Temporary Resident Visa. There are, however, exceptions to individuals who come from some countries, who will not require a visa.

It’s important to remember what a Temporary Resident Visa is, and is not. If you are looking to come to Canada to work, a work permit, rather than a Temporary Resident Visa, is what you will likely want to obtain. A Temporary Resident Visa allows you to enter Canadian boarders for a specified time period. If the individual is already within Canada on a Temporary Resident Visa, but wishes to commence employment, they too will have to obtain a Work Permit.

What are the Different Types of Temporary Resident Visas?

In essence, there are 3 types of Temporary Resident Visas:

1)     Single Entry Visa
 2)     Multiple Entry Visa
 3)     Transit Visa

Each of the above Visa’s have specific uses, and you should pay particular attention to what your end goal is.

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